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Rear Vision Camera

Three systems are available, one version with the option of either a 3.5” or 5.5” screen, another system offering a 7” mirror-style screen. The complete kit includes a camera, monitor, connecting cables and a mounting bracket. The 5.5” system also contains a remote control to allow easy adjustment of the operating parameters as well the facility to add a second camera to give a different viewing angle. All systems can be ordered with either a 120° or 180° (fish-eye) lens.

The systems are intended for closed cockpit cars with limited (or no) rear view. The compact monitors simply bond to the windscreen in place of the rear view mirror or can be installed on the rollcage.

The camera can be mounted high on the rear of the vehicle giving a better perspective of what’s going on behind with its wide viewing angle. The monitors have controls to adjust contrast, brightness and saturation, making tuning it to the cockpit environment simple.

When using the system at night, the monitors automatically dim down when bright lights shine into the camera.

Total current draw of each system is less than 250Ma @ 13.8vDC.

Comparison of Rear Vision Camera Systems

Part Number Description Screen Size Monitor External Dimensions Monitor Weight Camera Mounting Hole Diameter Camera Weight
CAM01K-180 Rear Vision Camera (Small) 180° 3½” 3¾” x 3” / 94mm x 76mm 4.79oz / 135g ¾” / 20mm 1.48oz / 45g
CAM01K-120 Rear Vision Camera (Small) 120° 3½” 3¾” x 3” / 94mm x 76mm 4.79oz / 135g 1” / 24mm 2.05oz / 58g
CAM02K-180 Rear Vision Camera (Large) 180° 5½” 5½” x 4¼” / 140mm x 105mm 11.20oz / 320g ¾” / 20mm 1.48oz / 45g
CAM02K-120 Rear Vision Camera (Large) 120° 5½” 5½” x 4¼” / 140mm x 105mm 11.20oz / 320g 1” / 24mm 2.05oz / 58g
CAM03K-180 Rear Vision Camera (Mirror Style) 180° 7” 9¾ x 4¼ / 245mm x 105mm 16.58oz / 470g ¾” / 20mm 1.48oz / 45g
CAM03K-120 Rear Vision Camera (Mirror Style) 120° 7” 9¾ x 4¼ / 245mm x 105mm 16.58oz / 470g 1” / 24mm 2.05oz / 58g

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